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Being a parent can be one of life's most joyful and rewarding experiences, but there are times in everyone's life when the demands and hassles of daily living cause stress.  That's when we are here to help.  We cover almost every aspect of parenting questions / concerns  that you may have.  

Coiping with the terrible two's?  Newborn Infant colic?  Learning Disabilities?  Whatever your problem may be, we have some very qualified experts that can answer the questions you are eager to know.

Parenting Land Contents:

1. Parenting FAQ

Got a question that you need answered? We've got ya covered for all ages and stages.

2. Milestone Charts

Want to track your child's growth? Make sure your infant is reaching the important milestone he/she should be from each different age group?  Check out our milestone charts.

3. Birth Clubs

Want to join other parents with children that were born the same month and year as yours was? Join one of our amazing Birth Clubs and get involved!

4. Activities for the Summer
Getting ready for the summer with the kids?  We've got an excellent list of activities for you to look at so you don't get a case of Cabin Fever!  Get out and enjoy yourselves!

5. Parenting Forums

Check out some of our other parenting forums in the efamily.ca Message Boards.

Recent Forum Posts

June 17, 2008: Posted by: ladylove

What is Attachment Parenting
Dr. Sears does not require a parent to strictly follow any set of rules, instead encouraging parents to be creative in responding to their child's needs ....

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June 17, 2008: Posted by: ladylove
Back from 37 week appt!
Baby's heart rate is great, in the 140s, did the group b strep test, then she checked my cervix.  Since last tuesday, when I went into L&D, I have dialated a little tiny bit more and thinned out....

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